Resource Roundup – Week of 12/28

This is just a dumping ground for articles/books/tools that stuck out to me over the last week.

Most of the articles I read come from some excellent newsletter sources: Javascript Weekly, HTML5 Weekly, Ruby Weekly, Node Weekly, Database Weekly, and the Code Project Newsletter. Books are from a variety of sources, including Achieve Your Goals podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire and the Ameer Rosic Show (among many others and random internet discoveries).


This is exactly how I feel about HTML5 elements. I’ve been reading about the benefits of a semantic web for years, but when will we actually see it being used consistently or being truly embraced by big players.

Very interesting perspective that makes load of sense to me. When someone can be over 100k in debt and graduate with a degree in liberal arts, there’s a problem.

Cool approach to deploying HTML5 games as desktop applications.

Amazing reference for how different CSS properties affect browser performance.

Keeping a free Heroku dyno running is a popular topic. This is from a node.js perspective, but gives some options outside of that as well.

Some nice advice and options for writing books in general, and ruby in particular.

Nice to end 2014 on a positive note.


Some great articles and demos that offer practical advice and solutions for implementing useful web features using newer browser features.

Been getting into the Pomodoro technique lately for focusing my time. Here’s a little intro.


I’m new to the Material Design concept, but i’m very intrigued by it. This is a framework that implements those concepts. Not sure if i’d use it just yet, but it feels great. The Material Design concept seems to give the web a very native feel, which is definitely an attractive concept.

Because people will write anything in Javascript.